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Stay Sharp with Tormek

New from Tormek: HTK-806 Hand Tool Kit, TNT-808 Wood Turner's Kit, Storage Solutions and the new SVD-186R. All of our T-8 and T-4 packages now include the NEW kits.

Tormek Sharpening Systems offer you significant, proven advantages over other sharpening solutions. Whether you are a seasoned sharpener or just beginning your exploration of edge tools, only Tormek offers the safety of water-cooled sharpening combined with a comprehensive program of remarkably well-engineered jigs to ensure consistent, superior outcomes in a wide variety of edge tools. Click on any of the selections below to see the items in each category. Now you can even create your own Tormek Package - we'll send you a quote!

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HTK-706 Hand Tool Kit
Tormek Jig Kits
SVD-110 Tool Rest
Tormek Jigs
Create Your Own Tormek Custom Package
Create a T-8 "Stripped" Package
Create a T-4 "Stripped" Package

Tormek Sharpening Station and Cabinet
Tormek SG-250 Grind Stone Tormek Grind Stones Tormek RB-180 Rotating Base Tormek Accessories
Tormek Upgrade Parts and Jigs for older Machines Tormek Parts Tormek Parts Finder - Find Parts for all Tormek Machines and Jigs. Tormek Bench Grinder Mount and Packages
Tormek Used and Demo Machines or Jigs- if available