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Stay Sharp with Tormek

New from Tormek: HTK-806 Hand Tool Kit, TNT-808 Wood Turner's Kit,  Composite Honing Wheel for T8, T-7 and S2000, Storage Solutions and the new SVD-186R. All of our T-8 and T-4 packages now include the NEW kits. Some are still available with the TNT-708 at a lower cost.

Interested is used jigs or machines? Click here to see what's available right now.

Tormek Sharpening Systems offer you significant, proven advantages over other sharpening solutions. Whether you are a seasoned sharpener or just beginning your exploration of edge tools, only Tormek offers the safety of water-cooled sharpening combined with a comprehensive program of remarkably well-engineered jigs to ensure consistent, superior outcomes in a wide variety of edge tools. Click on any of the selections below to see the items in each category. Now you can even create your own Tormek Package - we'll send you a quote!

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