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Tormek SG-200 Original Grindstone for T-4

Tormek SG-200 Original Grindstone for T-4

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Tormek Original Grindstone SG-200

The SG-200 Tormek Original Grindstone is the perfect go-to grinding wheel for your T4 Sharpening Machine. It is always recommended for beginners and is super flexible - that's why it is included with every T4 purchase!

With a diameter of 200 mm (7 7/8"), the Original Grindstone has been developed to combine efficient sharpening, a fine surface finish, and a long lifespan all with a single stone. You can sharpen a wide range of tools and steel grades, including HSS. In comparison to the SG-250 (which is included for use with the T8), the SG-200 is smaller and more compact for anyone with limited space and easier transportability.

  • Flexibility with adjustable sharpening characteristics between 220 and 1000 grit with the SP-650 Stone Grader (included with the T-4 Machine)
  • Long lifespan and service life - often lasts many years
  • With the TT-50 Truing Tool (included with the T-4 machine), you can regain a perfectly flat surface
  • Grinds most steel grades
  • Included with the T-4 but also compatible with the T-3 and older models
  • 200 mm (7 7/8") in diameter and 40 mm (1 5/8") wide

SG-200 Original Grindstone Specifications

  • Grinding wheel dimensions
    • Diameter: 200 mm ( 7 7/8")
    • Width: 40 mm ( 1 5/8")
  • Weight
    • Shipping weight 2.63 kg (5.8 lb)
  • Color: Gray
    • Material: Aluminum oxide
  • Grit: Adjustable sharpening characteristics equivalent to between 220 and 1000 grit
  • Warranty: 2-years

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