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Tormek Grinding Wheels

Tormek Grinding Wheels

While your Tormek Sharpening Machine will come with an Original Grindstone, the perfect all-around grindstone, we offer the full line of Tormek Grinding Wheels to help make sure you are optimized for your sharpening needs with your Tormek Sharpening Machine.

While the provided video is long, it gives an excellent overview of the Grinding Wheels, how to use them, and allows you to see them in action.

Tormek Stone Grinding Wheels

The Original, Blackstone Silicone, and Japanese Waterstone Grindstone Grinding Wheels are known for their long service life and efficient results. They are designed to provide a sharp and durable edge and the surface finish you need.

Original Grindstone - Best All-Around Grindstone

The Original Grindstone is included with every Tormek T-8 or T-4 purchase from us and is the ideal all-round grinding wheel. It is designed for efficient material removal, a fine surface finish, and long service life. It is perfect if you are just starting out and allows you to change grit between 220 and 1000 grit with the SP-650 Stone Grader provided with your T-8 or T-4.

  • Works with most steel grades
  • Change grit between 220 and 1000 grit with the SP-650 Stone Grader

Blackstone Silicon - For Sharpening High-Alloy Steels

The Blackstone Silicon Grinding Wheel is for shaping and sharpening HSS and other high alloy steels providing a high grade material removal. It is popular with woodturners for its efficiency with HSS.
  • Only compatible with T-8, not T-4
  • Popular with woodturners - more efficient material removal on hard woodturning tools
  • Shapes and sharpens harder steel and ceramic
  • Change grit between 220 and 1000 grit with the SP-650 Stone Grader

SB-250 for the T-8

Japanese Waterstone - For the Ultimate Mirror Finish

The Japanese Waterstone is ideal for when there is minimal material removal but you want that perfect mirror finish. If you need to sharpen carving tools and fine knives, the Japanese Waterstone is a great choice.

  • 4000 grit for razor sharpness and a clean surface finish
  • For tools that require minimal steel removal but superior sharpness

Tormek Diamond Grinding Wheels

Users who often sharpen the same tool will love how quick and easy it is to sharpen with the Diamond Grinding Wheels. That's because they always maintain the same shape allowing you to maintain the same jig setting for a tool. They can sharpen all types of steel as well as ceramic knives. You can also sharpen tools that require a completely flat bevel against the flat side of the wheel.

The Diamond Grinding Wheels are specifically developed for Tormek's low RPM, water-cooled sharpening systems as no heat is generated. They are extremely wear-resistant and maintain a constant shape allowing the wheels to stay round, true and flat with a full-size diameter.

The Diamond Wheels are exceptionally durable with a diamond coating, the world's hardest abrasive. The Diamond Wheels come in three different grits: Coarse (360 grit), Fine (600 grit) and Extra Fine (1200 grit).

Coarse Diamond Wheel - For Rapid Material Removal

Fine Diamond Wheel - The Ultimate All-Around Diamond Wheel

Extra Fine Diamond Wheel - For the Smooth Surface Finish and Constant Shape