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Tormek Sharpeners

Tormek Sharpening Systems

To put it simply, nobody does woodworking tool sharpening better than Tormek. They are the standard in modern edge tool sharpening.

Tormek Sharpening Systems allow you to achieve optimal sharpness on all kinds of hand and woodturning tools. They are powerful and fast yet quiet and accurate. Their products are innovative yet user-friendly. Manufactured in Sweden, and holding close to 20 patents in the sharpening category, Tormek is focused on the tiniest of details ensuring the highest quality machines that should last you decades.

Tormek Sharpeners

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Tormek T-8 Sharpening System

Lowest Price Guaranteed: $915

For the discerning quality-conscious professional woodworker and/or enthusiasts with an at-home workshop, we could not recommend the Tormek T-8 Sharpener enough. This one machine has the ability to sharpen all of your edge tools, is water-cooled, and has a powerful industrial AC motor for continuous use. We also love the T-8 because Tormek makes it easy to be precise with their Universal Support and patented precision mounts to help guide all grinding jigs. This is our go-to sharpening machine recommendation for woodworkers and is by far the best seller.

Tormek T-4 Sharpening System

Lowest Price Guaranteed: $527

Alternatively, instead of the T-8, hobbyists with a small workshop or an at-home knife sharpener you could go with the Tormek T-4, the smaller little brother of the T-8. The T-4 is smaller and more compact, has smaller wheels than the T-8, and isn't quite as high performance as the T-8. With that being said, it is an excellent and economical sharpening machine option saving you a few hundred bucks in comparison to the T-8.

Tormek T4 Sharpener

Tormek Sharpener Jigs & Accessory Kits

With the T-8 or T-4, you can conveniently add pre-packaged Jigs & Accessories with the Hand Tool Kit and/or the Woodturner's Kit. You can also shop a full selection of Tormek Jigs.

HTK-806 Hand Tool Kit

Includes every jig and accessory for sharpening hand tools all in one convenient kit.

Tormek HTK-806 Handtool Kit

Buy Tormek HTK-806

TNT-808 Woodturner's Kit

Includes every jig and accessory for sharpening your woodturning tools.

Tormek TNT-808

Buy Tormek TNT-808

Tormek Grinding Wheels

While every T8 or T4 Sharpening Machine comes with an Original Grindstone, the best all-purpose grinding wheel, you may have more specialized needs that require a different grinding wheel. See our selection below or learn more about which Tormek Grinding Wheels you may need here: Tormek Grinding Wheels.

Grinding Wheels for T-8

Diamond Grinding Wheels for T-8

Grinding Wheels for T-4

Diamond Grinding Wheels for T-4

Tormek Honing Wheels

Sometimes you need that critical razor-sharp edge and finish and that's where Tormek Honing Wheels come in. Tormek's Honing Wheels remove the burr and are a great way to maintain sharpness until the next time you need to establish a new edge or bevel.

The Leather Honing Wheels (LA-220, LA-145, and LA-120) provide maximum sharpness but require the use of the PA-70 Honing Compound while the Composite Honing Wheel for the T8 (CW-220) reduces contamination with an integrated polish.

Honing Wheels for T-8

Honing Wheels for T-4

Tormek Sharpener Accessories

We offer a full line of Tormek accessories to make sure you get the best results and can optimize your sharpening experience. Below are some of our favorites or you can click the following link to see our full Tormek Accessories collection.