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Scroll Saw Blades

Scroll Saw Blades

When we introduced Hegner Scroll Saws to America in the late 1970's, we quickly learned the critical importance of using proper blades to achieve the best results possible. That's why we went on the hunt for the highest-quality scroll saw blades in the world, carefully curated a broad range of the most commonly used scroll saw blade types, and now offer them to you all at the lowest possible prices.

Choosing the right scroll saw blades can be confusing, even for an experienced scroller. So if you are unsure which brand or blade type to choose, for starters, we highly recommend trying our 76 premium scroll saw blade pack. This pack includes two dozen Traditional Skip Tooth blades, two dozen Double Tooth blades, a dozen Precision Milled Tooth blades, a dozen Jeweler's Metal Cutting blades plus 4 Olson Thickwood Hook Tooth blades. As you try them out, keep notes on their performance and sizes. Before long, you'll know which blades best suit your typical applications.

ScrollAmerica Scroll Saw Blades

Our go-to ScrollAmerica blades are manufactured in Germany to exacting standards by companies with generations of expertise in this field. They are often the same blades offered under other brand names at higher prices! We purchase these blades direct from the manufacturer so there's no middleman as with other brands. ScrollAmerica blades are perfect for your Hegner along with many other scroll saws.

PLEASE NOTE: All application recommendations are approximate and should be regarded as guidelines only. Variations in materials, pattern detail and personal preference should always be considered. If you are unsure, we suggest you start with our blade pack to see which blades may suit you best.

 Blade Type Image Description
Precision Milled Tooth Our best-selling Scroll Saw Blade. High-performance, precision milled widely spaced teeth for superior sharpness and aggressive high-speed cutting. Lower teeth are reversed to reduce tearout.
Skip Tooth The most commonly used Scroll Saw Blade. Meant for woods and plastics. Consistent tooth structure, even sizing, long life and superior sharpness. Widely spaced teeth that cuts on the down stroke.
2-Way Tooth Teeth are faced in both directions along the entire length of the blade, allowing splinter-free, sharp, clean edges in most materials. Blade has no top or bottom and can be mounted either way and reversed for additional use when one side dulls.
Premium Double Tooth An alternative tooth design for wood and plastics. Two consecutive teeth are followed by a large space to cut more efficiently, remove sawdust better and provide a smoother finish than standard blades in many applications.
Reverse Tooth Standard blades with reversed teeth to reduce tear out. Good for cutting wood, plastic and other fibrous materials.
Double Reversed Tooth This is an exclusive ScrollAmerica design with the benefits of both double tooth and reverse tooth features. Lower double teeth are reversed to reduce tear out.
Spiral 360° cutting capability - you never have to turn the workpiece. Use for cutting all types of materials including wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals, plaster, horn, etc. For use in power scroll saws and hand-held fret and jewelers saw frames.
Fretta Thick Material Coarse blade for sawing thick materials. Cut wood and plastics up to 2 1/2" in thickness, depending on your saw and blade size.
Jeweler's Metal Cutting Made with special alloys, these blades are strictly for cutting hard and some (non-clogging) soft metals.

Olson Scroll Saw Blades

While we fully stand by our line of ScrollAmerica blades, some of our customers prefer and are used to Olson Scroll Saw Blades. Olson has been a leading scroll saw blade manufacturer for over 100 years and works with virtually all domestic and imported scroll saws. We've hand-selected some great options for our enthusiast scrolling customers.

 Type Image Description
Skip Reverse Tooth PGT Precision Ground Tooth
A unique tooth geometry and widely spaced gullets minimize burning and provide rapid chip removal. Blades are made of the finest carbon steel for maximum strength, durability and longer blade life.
Double Tooth PGT Precision Ground Tooth
Same as PGT® Ground Tooth with unique double ground tooth geometry.
Reverse Skip Tooth
These blades have the same performance characteristics as Olson Skip Tooth Blades with the added benefit of reverse teeth at the bottom for a smooth, splinter-free finish on top and bottom.
Thickwood Hook Tooth
Special scroll saw blade with 7 teeth per inch and extra wide gullet for rapid cutting of solid hard/soft wood and multilayers from 3/4" up to 2" thick. Clean top/bottom, smooth finish. Hardened and tempered teeth for extra blade life.