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Why can't I find some of your products at my local tool dealer or box store?

As you have probably already discovered, many dealers are more concerned about carrying just the most popular and most profitable products, rather than those that might serve you best. These retailers usually also offer little in added value (consultation, service, and support) to their customers. We have found that direct contact with our customers is the best way to provide the level of professional, expert service we believe you and our products deserve. Plus we can save you money by not building high selling expenses into our prices.

But won't I miss out on local parts and service availability? 

Just visit your local tool dealer and find out how much he really knows about the specifics of a product, or about repairs. Chances are he'll have to refer you to a toll-free number, send away for parts, send your machine back to the manufacturer, or send you to an "authorized service center" many miles away (if you're lucky). You'll have none of that runaround with Advanced Machinery.

What are the Warranties on your Products? 

Click here to go to our Warranties Page.

If Advanced Machinery’s brands are so good why haven’t I heard of them before?

Quite simply, we are a small, family-owned business quite unlike a company like Delta or Grizzly. We are not mass marketers with huge advertising budgets focused on marketing. Instead we are tool aficionados who appreciate the highest levels of quality even when the mass market may not. Thus we are willing to accept a smaller number of customers, and to take care of them in ways large companies simply can’t.

Ask an industry professional or insider about our brands, and they’ll respond like a car collector to a vintage Ferrari or AC Cobra. These cars are some of the most desirable and valuable on the planet, yet you’ve probably never seen one on the road or at a local car dealer. It’s no different with Advanced Machinery products: even though they have a low profile in the marketplace, any knowledgeable insider would be happy to own our entire catalog of products if money were no object. 

Try any of our products and discover the "Advanced Machinery Advantage" for yourself! 

Can I come and visit your premises? 

Absolutely! We welcome visitors, even though we do not have a storefront. All we ask is that you let us know a day in advance if you would like to look at specific machinery, or would like a demonstration. This is because we do not always keep everything set up in our showroom, and we want to make sure you don’t make a wasted trip.

If you only need to pick up some items and will not require any consultation, you are welcome to call first for the part availability, place your order and schedule a pick up time weekdays between 10 and 3, and we’ll be glad to take care of you.

Do you make your own products, and if not, where do they come from?

We do no manufacturing of our own, although we do have exclusive manufacturing contracts with some of our suppliers.

Our sources are located all over the globe, with our primary foreign products sourced in Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland, while our major US goods come from California and Pennsylvania.

How long has Advanced Machinery existed?

We were founded in 1975, when we first operated out of a private home. After several moves and product line expansions, we arrived at our present 20,000 sq. ft. facility in 1983.