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Multitool Grinders

Multitool Grinders - Complete Belt Grinders & Bench Attachments

Multitool Grinders have been experts in belt grinding machinery for over 40 years. Their grinders are built to the industrial standards of seasoned metal fabricators, farriers, welders, and machinists. Multitool Bench Grinders are built to take a beating year after year and continue to perform. This grinder removes metal faster than stone wheels and is great for polishing, sharpening, radiusing, flattening, beveling, de-burring, rust removal, contour shaping, and finishing. The Multitool is a favorite go-to tool for master craftsmen.

MultiTool Bench Belt Grinder

Multitool is a belt grinder with multiple working surfaces including:

  • A front contact wheel - used for smooth controlled grinding, contouring, and internal finishing
  • A precision top platen - used for perfect flat finishing
  • The underside - a slack belt surface great for external contouring and blending
  • A large disc sander - for beveling, deburring, squaring, and general sanding

You can purchase a Multitool Grinder in three ways: as a Bench Attachment, the Complete Grinder unit with a motor, or you can get the Deluxe Kit which includes the Grinder + Stand.