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Multitool Grinder Attachment

Multitool Grinder Attachment

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Multitool Bench Grinder Belt Sander Attachment

Multitool has been a favorite of fabricators and hobbyists for over 40 years and this Grinder Attachment is conveniently attached to 99% of all bench grinders with screw-on wheel guards. This is the most powerful and economical tool available for general metalworking, knife making, lawnmower blade sharpening, golf club reconditioning, and much more extending your capabilities far beyond traditional bench grinders.

MultiTool Bench Belt Grinder

The Multitool Grinding Attachment gives fabricators multiple working surfaces including:

  • A front contact wheel - used for smooth controlled grinding, contouring, and internal finishing
  • A precision top platen - used for perfect flat finishing
  • The underside - a slack belt surface great for external contouring and blending
  • A large disc sander - for beveling, deburring, squaring, and general sanding

The MultiTool Grinder Attachment are typically and ideally mounted horizontally on the right side of your grinder however, they can mount vertically on the left or right side of a bench grinder as well. Mounting vertically along the right side gives you access to the slack belt grinding portion of the attachment while mounting vertically along the left side will give you a vertical platen for grinding. It is designed to work with 1/2" to 5/8" OD grinder shafts.

Installation Video

Choose Your Belt Size

2" Wide x 36" Long Belt

  • #1 Best Seller on Grinder Attachment Market
  • 3.5" Contact Wheel
  • 2.125" x 5.875" Platen Size
  • 7" Disc
  • 13 lbs
  • 4.5" x 16.5" x 8"

2" Wide x 48" Long Belt

  • Extra Long Top Platen
  • Longer Underside Belt for Contouring
  • 3.5" Contact Wheel
  • 2.125" x 11.25" Platen Size
  • 7" Disc
  • 13 lbs
  • 4.5" x 22.5" x 8"

All Grinder Attachments come with a 100 grit belt, a 80 grit disc, Instructions, Hardware, and a 3 Year Warranty.

Optional: Add a Deluxe Abrasive Belt Kit

Get up and running on your MultiTool with this convenient starter pack with all the popular belts for your Multitool. The belt kits are made to fit either the 2' x 36" or 2' x 48" grinder attachments, we'll make sure to send you the correct belt kit for your belt size.

The Deluxe Abrasive Belt Kit includes:

  • 40 grit premium aluminum zirconia belts
  • 80 grit premium aluminum zirconia belts
  • 120 grit premium aluminum zirconia belts
  • 220 grit Trizact belt
  • 400 grit Trizact belt
  • 1200 grit Trizact belt
  • Polishing belt
  • 4 piece rouge kit
  • 40 grit disc
  • 80 grit disc
  • 180 grit disc

MultiTool Grinder Belt Kit

Multitool 2" x 36" and 48" Bench Grinder Attachment User Guide

Multitool Bench Grinder Attachment Fitting Template

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