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Apollo HVLP Paint Sprayers & Spray Guns

Apollo Sprayers HVLP Systems

After all of your hard work, few things are as frustrating as inferior spray equipment to finish your project. We know how important it is to get that perfect finish. That is why there is no brand we trust more for paint spraying than Apollo HVLP Sprayers.

Apollo has been in the industry for over 50 years providing innovative low overspray HVLP solutions. With an Apollo Sprayer, Professional Woodworkers can spray furniture, cabinets, and other instruments with ease and the highest level of precision.

Avoid the mess and waste of high-pressure sprayers. ApolloSpray TrueHVLP makes finishing an entirely different experience. TrueHVLP technology assures efficient use of coatings saving as much as 80% compared to conventional spray technology. Apollo Spray Systems deliver a consistent, beautiful result, time after time.

Apollo HVLP Sprayers

Apollo Precision-6 Pro Turbine Spray System


Apollo Precision-6 Pro HVLP Sprayer

The Precision-6 Turbine System is the ultimate HVLP. This system can do it all from complete kitchens to small spot repair. What makes Apollo and this particular system unique is that you don't need an air compressor, making it easy to move around if necessary. It also dramatically reduces overspray with an unmatched 80-90% transfer efficiency of all paints and primers resulting in significant savings. It is easy to use, clean, and maintain and is built to last. The Precision-6 is the NEW and upgraded version of the popular Precision-5 offering a more powerful motor for additional spraying power for an even broader range of applications. Choose from a top-mounted or bottom-mounted cup and add optional accessories such as the Mobile Cart System or Spray Kits.

Apollo 7700 Turbine Spray Gun

Just pick-up the precision-crafted Apollo 7700T Spray Gun and you’ll immediately know why this is the industry standard. Available with the Precision-6 Turbine System or as a standalone product. We sold other spray guns in the past, but none matched the quality, functionality, and customer satisfaction of the Apollo 7700. Perfectly balanced, pressure die-cast, all stainless steel construction ensures a lifetime of optimum performance. What makes it unique is its precision fan control, dual air inputs (bleeder and non-bleeder), and dual material inputs (top and bottom feed) for maximum control and precision. The Apollo 7700 is truly the only spray gun you'll need and the only one we recommend.

Apollo HVLP Spray Gun

Apollo HVLP Spray Kit

Apollo 7700 Needle, Nozzle, and Air Cap Spray Kits

While the Precision-6 and 7700 Spray Gun come with standard needles, nozzles, and air caps, our Apollo 7700 Spray Kits allow you to tackle any project. For true professionals with a wide range of projects, ordering an Apollo Spray Kit is an essential add-on to the Precision-6 or 7700 Spray Gun. Order a Complete Set with all Needles, Nozzles, and Air Caps or choose one of our more specialized kits for particular projects.