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Manuals and Product Brochures

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Our HEGNER brochure include Scroll Saws and Scroll Saw Accessories, as well as some other machines no longer available. 

>>> Click here for your HEGNER Brochure

Our PLANO brochures include 43", 49" and 55" glue presses and clamps.

>>> Click here for your PLANO Vertical Glue Press Brochure

Our Portable Clamping System brochures include z2 and SwissRex Systems.

>>>  Click here for your Portable Clamping Systems Brochure

Our RALI brochure contains information about Swiss Precision Hand Planes.

>>> Click here for your Rali Planes Brochure 

Our Scroll America Blades Flyer contains blades and pricelist

>>> Click here for Scroll America Blades Price List  - check our website for most current pricing



HEGNER Scroll Saw Manual

HEGNER Unimax Fret Saw Manual

HEGNER Accura MK4 Manual

HEGNER Multimax-1 (also Hobbymax) Parts Diagram

HEGNER M14-E (also Multimax-2) and M14-V Parts Diagram

HEGNER M18-S and M18-V Parts Diagram 

HEGNER Older M18V w/o Front Tension Lever

HEGNER M22-V Parts Diagram 

HEGNER Multimax M25-S and M25-V Parts Diagram

HEGNER Polymax (Polycut-3) Parts Diagram

Hegner Quick Clamp vs Standard Clamps

HEGNER TWS-230 Drum Sander Parts Diagram

HEGNER Unimax Parts Diagram for Machine Serial Numbers 031607 and higher

HEGNER Unimax Parts Diagram for Machine Serial Numbers up to 0310606

HEGNER Accura MK4 Parts Diagram

HEGNER Accura Sliding Table Parts Diagram

HEGNER HDB175 Lathe Parts Diagram

HEGNER HDB200 Lathe Manual

HEGNER HDB200 Lathe Parts Diagram

HEGNER LKH 950 Duplicator Manual

HEGNER LKH 950 Duplicator Parts Diagram

HEGNER LQ 400 Duplicator Parts Diagram

HEGNER ZFG Fingerjoint Machine Manual

HEGNER How to Change a Connector, part#21/#221


HEGNER How to Replace a New Switch part #265SN


HEGNER ZFG Parts Diagram

HEGNER TouchUp Paint


APOLLO HVLP Spray Finishing Systems Instruction Manual

APOLLO HVLP Maxi Miser 3000 Manual

APOLLO HVLP Technical Documents



APOLLO HVLP 2QT Pressure Pot Manual- A4500

APOLLO 3 Stage Turbine - Model#300

Apollo 7000 Series Application Chart for Needle/Nozzle Selection

APOLLO 7500 Gun Series Instruction Manual - Newer

APOLLO 7500 Gun Series Instruction Manual - Older

APOLLO 7500 Instructions for Conversion to NEW Air Distributor Plate

APOLLO 7700 Gun Series Instruction Manual - Newest

Apollo 5000 Series Application Chart for Needles/Nozzles Selection

APOLLO A5010 Gun Diagram

APOLLO A5010 Gun Parts List

APOLLO E5011 Gun Parts Diagram

APOLLO A5110 Gun Parts Diagram

APOLLO A5110 Gun Parts List

APOLLO A5610 Gun Parts Diagram

APOLLO E7000 Gun Parts Diagram

APOLLO E7700GTO Manual

MultiTool Installation Instructions

MultiTool Adapter Plate Diagram

PLANO Instruction Manual

Tormek T-8 Diagram

Tormek T-8 Black Anniversary Edition

Tormek T-4 Diagram

Tormek BGM-100 Bench Grinder Mount Instruction Manual

Tormek SVD-186 Gouge Jig Instruction Manual

Tormek TNT-708 Wood Turner's Kit

Tormek KJ-45/KJ-140 Instructions

Wild Bill's Bird Feeder -12 port

Wild Bill's Bird Feeder - 8 port

Wild Bill's Instructions

z2 and z-Vise Portable Clamping System Manual

Zyliss Torno Lathe Manual

Zyliss Torno Lathe Parts Diagram

SwissRex Supervise (System Workshop) Portable Clamping System and SwissRex Lathe Manual