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Hegner Multimax 18 Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Hegner Multimax 18 Variable Speed Scroll Saw

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$ 1,295.00 $ 1,495.00

Hegner Multimax M18-V 18" Scroll Saw

The Hegner Multimax 18 Variable Speed Scroll Saw is our best seller and the go-to for serious woodworkers. Get all the features that have made the Hegner brand legendary including an exceptional cutting feel, smooth and quiet operation, quick and easy blade installation, precise blade guidance for maximum control and precision, and more. With a large 18" throat-size saw table you can tackle a wide range of woodworking projects.

Hegner Multimax 22 Scroll Saw

This exceptional machine was WOOD magazine's choice as "best overall performer" of all major premium brands, and winner of American Woodworking's "Editor's Choice" Award.

“This is my dream machine. The smoothness and vibration-free operation is great and no sanding.”
Larry B., Tonawanda, New York

“I purchased my HEGNER in 1983 and still enjoy using it every day.”
Stephen H., Longview, Washington

Hegner $500+ Mega Promo for A Limited Time!

Hegner Multimax 18 Scroll Saw Sale

With your M18-V, you will get a Scroll Saw fully assembled with a hold-down arm, dual-tilt worktable, and sawdust management system. It also includes a pair of 0.7mm blade clamps mounted on the machine, one extra pair of 0.7mm blade clamps, 2 TuffScrews, one TuffWrench, one plastic table insert, a metal table insert installed on the machine, an assortment of 76 saw blades, and miscellaneous operating hardware.

For a limited time, we are lowering the price $200 AND including $300 worth of add-ons for FREE with your order. That's over $500 in total savings with the add-ons!

  • Hegner Scroll Saw Stand: 31.5" High ($235 Value)

Your Hegner can be used with or without the stand but we strongly encourage it. Just about every customer who purchased the saw without the stand ended up coming back to us eventually to buy the stand. It helps optimize the performance of the saw and ensures smooth operation by absorbing the vibration inherent in scroll saws. That's why we are deciding to include the stand with your purchase so you can see for yourself!

Hegner Scroll Saw Stand

Hegner QuickClamp
  • Hegner QuickClamp ($40 Value)

While the Standard Blade Clamps get the job done, the QuickClamp makes for a better experience with your Hegner Scroll Saw. The QuickClamp allows you to instantly align your blade in the same position every time. Since it doesn't require a wrench, it's super fast to release and re-tighten for speedy blade changes - especially useful for those frequent inside cuts! The easy-grip knurled aluminum knob places pressure directly on the blade for slip-free tightening. The QuickClamp is designed to be locked into place in the upper arm and accepts all blade sizes.

  • Hegner Apron ($40 Value)

We also are going to throw in a Hegner Apron as a token of our appreciation. This Hegner Apron has 2 large front pockets plus a narrow breast pocket for pencils or blades. It has an adjustable strap for neckline and a tie at the waist. The Hegner logo is embroidered on its khaki-colored cloth. It is machine washable and made of durable 65% Polyester/35% Cotton for easy cleaning and comfort. One size fits most.

Hegner Apron

Why Professional Woodworkers Love the Hegner Variable Speed Scroll Saw:

Maximum Control & Exceptionally Precise Blade Guidance

The M18-V Scroll Saw will allow you to follow intricate patterns in a wide range of materials and thicknesses, make inside cuts and on-the-spot turns easily, and produce smooth edges without sanding. With the Hegner Variable Speed Scroll Saw, you can make the most complicated of woodworking projects possible.

 Hegner Scroll Saws

“I craft duck signs, name plates and endless fretwork with my HEGNER 18”, and enjoy the quality needed for quality work. I always stress that the machine is the difference. I will not buy anything less.”
Daniel H, Toledo, Ohio

“The ease of blade changing and tension, the smoothness of cut and the many other features put this machine in a class of its own.”
Alain T., New Hyde Park, New York

Legendary Cutting "Feel" & Quiet, Smooth Operation

The M18-V has patented blade holders, a unique arm geometry to keep the blade almost perfectly vertical at all times, a precision-engineered "arm flex", and a tension knob at the back of the upper arm allowing for easy blade tension adjustment. This leads to a more comfortable operation, less "chatter" and noise, and low stress on blades for a longer life.

Broad Variable Speed Motor

This scroll saw is fitted with a variable speed induction motor enabling accurate speed changes from 400-1700 SPM (Strokes per minute). Other scroll saw machines do not have this broad of a speed range, making it very difficult to get a good finish. A Hegner Saw makes it easy to get the speed you need and end up with the finished product you deserve.

Hegner Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Dual Tilt Large Saw Tables

Many scroll saws are only 14" or 16" which really only allows you to cut through the center of a 32" piece of wood if you are lucky. This might not seem like a big deal, but the additional 2" on the best selling Hegner M18-V allows you to cut 36" pieces of wood and the additional 6" on the M22-V allows you to cut 44" pieces of wood. The M18-V allows you much more flexibility with the projects you can take on. The table can be adjusted up to a 45 degree angle on the M18-V for greater control over your work.

Hegner Scroll Saw Dual Tilt

Hegner Scroll Saw Tilt Adjust

Sawdust Management System

Standard on all Hegner Scroll Saws since 2013, the sawdust management system allows you to either blow air out or draw air in (when connected to a shop vac). You can change from blower to dust extractor in a matter of seconds.

The blower (blue tube) is above the table.

Hegner Scroll Saw Blower

The extractor (red funnel) is underneath the table.

Hegner Scroll Saw Sawdust Management

Questions? Give Us A Call at 1-800-727-6553

If you have any questions at all, we'd be happy to help. We are the Exclusive Hegner Dealer in the U.S.A. and are experts on the Hegner Machine. With our current limited-time Hegner Promotion, we've never seen lower prices on this Legendary Machine.

Hegner Multimax 18 Scroll Saw

Looking for M18-V Replacement Parts?

If you already own a M18-V and are looking for replacement parts, give us a call at 1-800-727-6553 or send us an email to We'd be happy to assist!

Hegner Variable Speed Scroll Saw Specifications

  • Dimensions of the Saw: 24" L x 12" W x 15" H
  • Throat: 18" - handles wood up to 36" across
  • Thickness Capacity: 2 5/8"
  • Blade Stroke: .75" (Standard) or .47"
  • Dual-Tilt 17" x 9" table 45 degree left / 15 degree right
  • Motor:
    • 400-1700 RPM
    • 2.83A Induction Motor
    • 110V-60Hz, 100W
  • Stand: 31 1/2" H
  • QuickLock Tension System
  • Workpiece Hold-down w/ Fingerguard
    • 7-year Commercial Use Manufacturer's Limited Warranty. See our Warranty page for more information.
    • Made in Germany

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