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Hegner Scroll Saw Reviews

Are you ready for the
Ultimate Scrollsawing Experience®?

Most companies try to tell you how great their products are. At Advanced Machinery, we’re different. After 40 years in business, and with tens of thousands of satisfied customers, we’d rather let some of those many customers do the talking. After all, who can speak with more authority than a real customer just like you?

Below are unsolicited comments we have received directly from real Hegner Scroll Saw owners throughout the U.S. and Canada. There are many more similar comments that we left out. We’ve grouped these to answer some of the most common questions which our future customers typically ask us.

More details follow below. But please read on.

The various scroll saws brands look very similar to me. What’s so different about HEGNER High-Performance Precision Scroll Saws?

"I currently have 4 scroll saws of different brands in my shop. Three have minimal use and hours on them with many repairs done to them. Only one has thousands of hours and no repairs, that is my 12 year old Hegner MultiMax 18". It is by far the best tool I have in my wood working shop. The quality and precision of this saw is unreal!"
Dick H., Newberg, OR

“The ease of blade changing and tension, the smoothness of cut and the many other features put this machine in a class of its own.”
Alain T., New Hyde Park, New York

“Very Easy & Fun to Use.”
Robert H., Garden Grove, California

"Thanks so much for your support yesterday on the phone.  This kind of service is, of course, why it is so much better to buy from small vendors.  I really appreciate the time you took to problem solve with me.  Can’t wait to really get into this machine!"             Erin H., Burlington, VT

“Smoothest running machine I have ever used.”
Ellerd R., Blaine, Minnesota

“Wonderful machine. Love the ease of changing blades and adjusting the table.”
Monty B., Port Alberni, British Columbia

“I am amazed at the quietness and lack of vibration and ease of cutting intricate detailed patterns with my HEGNER 18V.”
Lester E., Austin, Texas

“I don’t experience blade breakage: I only change blades because of wear.”
Chris J., New Milford, New Jersey

“This is my dream machine. The smoothness and vibration-free operation is great and no sanding.”
Larry B., Tonawanda, New York

“Service and quality with HEGNER is the difference.”
Dan S, Moline, Illinois

Other brands claim they are good, too, and some seem to be. How do HEGNER High-Performance Precision Scroll Saws REALLY compare?

"Hi Jean,
Thanks for your quick response regarding the stand. I've had other scrolls saws in the past, but Hegner by far makes the best. I own the 25" and wouldn't trade it for the world! I also have an 18, but miss the extra length in the throat. I ended up purchasing a used 22" and I think it will be better for my shop. I have no doubt I will be able to re-sell the 18". If anyone knows the name "Hegner".......they pretty much sell themselves. Thanks again,
Marj Oliver, Illinois

“I thought I had a good machine before, but it was nothing compared to (my HEGNER).”
Delvin D., Hickman, Nebraska

“After finally dumping my $800 (Brand H) after 10 years of struggling, I feel that the HEGNER is the ultimate.”
Tom J., Running Springs, California

“I had a 14” HEGNER. When I needed a larger saw, I tried a (brand D), which I returned. That I tried a (Brand S), which I also returned. Then I tried another (Brand S), which I returned. Then I bought a HEGNER again. My wife knew I would only be happy with a HEGNER.”
Harold Z., Iola, Wisconsin

“As compared to my previous (Brand P), there is very little if any vibration and it cuts much nicer and easier.”
Raymond R., Moscow, Pennsylvania

“The difference between HEGNER and other scroll saws is like night and day.”
Elizabeth H, Brookhaven, Pennsylvania

“For precision, quality of cut, ease of use, and for safety features, this saw exceeds others by a wide margin.”
Yukio K, Calgary, Alberta

“I love my Hegner. On my (Brand H) there was extreme chattering with 5/4 alder. On my HEGNER chattering was next to nil – mostly nice buzzing along.”
Richard P, San Lorenzo, California

“I craft duck signs, name plates and endless fretwork with my HEGNER 18”, and enjoy the quality needed for quality work. I always stress that the machine is the difference. I will not buy anything less.”
Daniel H, Toledo, Ohio

My last scroll saw wore out rather quickly. How do HEGNER Saws hold up over time?

“I purchased my HEGNER in 1983 and still enjoy using it every day.”
Stephen H., Longview, Washington

“I purchased my saw in the early ‘80’s, and it has given me many hours of profit and pleasure since then.”
George C., Sauk Village, Illinois

“I’ve had a HEGNER since 1986. It hasn’t missed a beat all the time I’ve had it.”
Lawrence K., Roseville, Minnesota

I’ve never used a HEGNER, and I am concerned that it will be complicated to set up and use!

“Fast shipment. Easy Setup. Running in 10 minutes.”
James G., Grosse Point Woods, Michigan

“Nice Saw. Good Instructions.”
Jennifer P, Spokane, Washington

I’m too old to get into scrolling now!

“I’m 78 and the HEGNER 18” is one of the best investments I’ve made.”
Don G., Leadville, Colorado

“The HEGNER cost a good piece of change. I learned that fine tools cost more, and down time is nil. 10 years later I am 81 and still working every day in my shop. Thank you for such a fine tool.” Angus M, Juneau, Alaska

A few final comments.

"The people working for your company have been very quick and efficient in helping to solve my problem. All of the folks with whom I have spoken have been friendly and helpful, especially Ginny who was kind enough to answer the phone last Saturday and get the process started. Thank you very much."
Allen R., Nebraska

“Very Impressed. Should have purchased two years ago!”
Jerry M., Denver, Colorado

“Love it!!! (so does my wife).”
James W., Midland, Michigan

“The saw is incredible.”
James H., Ely, Nevada

We could keep going, but the message is by now self-evident. There is a wide range of scroll saws on the market, but only one has stood out from the crowd for over forty years (and counting), and continues to do so today.

A significant majority of knowledgeable scrollers throughout the country, and indeed all over the world, agree on which saw provides the Ultimate Scrolling Experience.

Today is your opportunity to join this fortunate group and start to enjoy the many unique benefits of owning your very own HEGNER High-Performance Precision saw.

If you have any questions at all, please send us an e-mail, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-SCROLLER (1-800-727-6553, 10-3 ET), or click the link at the bottom for additional technical information.

There’s so much more we could tell you in this letter, but here’s the bottom line: Scroll sawing with a HEGNER High-Performance Precision Scroll Saw is a personal experience for everyone, and one we truly can’t describe in words (although we’d love to have you tell us what you think after you get yours!).

Yes, HEGNER Saws cost more to build and to buy than other saws: they always have and likely always will. But then you don’t get steak at the price of a hamburger, either.

Compared to so many other luxuries, however, the wonderful benefit of a HEGNER High-Performance Precision Scroll Saw is that you only pay for it once, and you can then enjoy it for years and years to come.

As a result, the true cost of ownership is lower per day than for any other scroll saw, since HEGNER Saws not only last longer than other saws, but they get more use because they are so easy and enjoyable to run. And they retain their value better than any other brand, too. So if lifetime cost of ownership, or total cost per day, is important to you, you’ve just found yet another reason why HEGNER is the best scroll saw choice you can make!

Finally, what’s so special about HEGNER warranties? We invite you to judge the Advanced Machinery Three-Way Warranty for yourself: all three of these protections are yours with every HEGNER High-Performance Universal Precision Scroll Saw purchase:
  • A fully transferable 7-year factory warranty against defects in materials and workmanship (just send us the part or the entire machine, and we’ll repair or replace it for you without charge!)
  • Our everyday Low Price Guarantee (find a lower price within 30 days of your order and receive a refund for the difference, plus a FREE gift!)
Isn’t it time you put a HEGNER in your home or shop? Order today and maybe soon we’ll be putting your name in this letter, too!

Yours for better scrolling,

Hanns Derke Vice President

P.S. With proof from real customers about the many benefits of owning a HEGNER, plus our unique Three-Way Guarantee, you’re sure to enjoy scrolling like never before.

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