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Tormek T4 Sharpening System

Tormek T4 Sharpening System

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Tormek T-4 Sharpening Machine

The Tormek T-4 is the perfect sharpening machine for home and hobby use or for professionals with limited space. It is the compact little brother of the T-8 offering the same unbeatable precision and stability as the popular bigger model. This machine comes equipped with Tormek's Original Grindstone optimized to provide efficient steel removal and a perfect finish. We love the Tormek T-4 for sharpening chisels, knives, scissors, smaller woodcarving tools, woodturning tools, and drills.

Features of the Tormek T-4 Sharpening System:

SG-200 Original Grindstone

Adjustable sharpening between 220 and 1000 grit.
Tormek SG-200 Grindstone

Universal Support

Support for all jigs providing unbeatable precision.
Tormek Universal Support

Patented Precision Mounts

Guarantees accurate and controllable sharpening.
Tormek Patented Precision Mounts


With ACME thread and a scale for precise angle setting.
Tormek MicroAdjust

Made in Sweden & 8 Year Warranty

Comes with a 5 Year Warranty + 3 Years if you register after receiving your purchase.
Tormek T4 Warranty

What's Included in the Tormek T-4 Box:

  • SG-200 Original Grindstone Grinding Wheel
  • LA-145 Leather Honing Wheel
  • US-103 Universal Support for Precision Sharpening
  • SP-650 Stone Grader to adjust the grit of the grindstone
  • WM-200 AngleMaster to measure the sharpening angle
  • PA-70 Honing Compound to be used with the leather honing wheel
  • EM-15 Edge Marker to color the bevel when setting the angle for sharpening
  • HB-10 Tormek Handbook

Tormek T4 Sharpening Machine Accessories

Jigs & Accessory Kits for the Tormek T4 (Recommended Add-Ons)

If you want to get the most out of your Tormek Sharpening Machine, we highly recommend adding one, or both, of the following Tormek Jig & Accessory Kits. These kits conveniently help you get going with all the jigs and accessories you need.

HTK-806 Hand Tool Kit

Tormek HTK-806 Handtool Kit

Includes every jig and accessory for sharpening hand tools:

  • Case and tray for Hand Tool Kit
  • KJ-45 Centering Knife Jig
  • KJ-140 Wide Centering Knife Jig
  • SVM-00 Small Knife Holder
  • SVX-150 Scissors Jig
  • SVA-170 Axe Jig
  • SVS-38 Short Tool Jig

TNT-808 Woodturner's Kit

Tormek TNT-808

Includes every jig and accessory for sharpening your woodturning tools:

  • Case and Storage Tray for Woodturner's Kit
  • MH-380 Machine Cover for T-8
  • SVD-186R Gouge Jig
  • SVD-110 Tool Rest
  • SVS-50 Multi Jig
  • TTS-100 Turning Tool Setter
  • LA-120 Profiled Leather Honing Wheel
  • TNT-10 Handbook for Woodturning Tools
  • PL-01 Profile Labels
  • PP-10 Profile Pen

Tormek T-4 Specifications:

  • Machine Specs
    • Width: 9 7/16"
    • Depth: 8 1/16"
    • Height: 10 1/4"
    • Weight: 17.6 lbs
  • Performance:
    • 120 rpm
    • 8.4 Nm Torque
  • Motor:
    • Industrial motor, single phase, AC
    • 120 W (input), 100-115 V / 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
    • 30 min/h operation
    • Quiet running, 54 dB
    • 10,000 hours of operating time
  • Parts Breakdown

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