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Tormek SVS-50 Multi Jig

Tormek SVS-50 Multi Jig

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Tormek SVS-50 Multi Jig

This jig is used for turning skew chisels, parting and beading tools, roughing gouges and straight carving gouges up to 50 mm (2") width.


This patented jig consists of a housing (1) and two interchangeable seats – one closed, (2) and one open, (3). The seats can swivel and be locked with the screw (6) at any skew angle between 0° and 45°. Skew chisels have symmetrical bevels on both sides. With this jig you mount the tool only once for grinding both the bevels. By turning the jig upside down you can grind both of the bevels symmetrically.


The closed seat is for skew chisels. The tool is fixed with the side screw (4). The top screw (5) is not used. The open seat is designed for tools which have the edge square across the shank. The tool is fixed with the top screw in the housing (5). As the seat can be turned, it can also be used for short skew chisels.

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