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HLX7G2 Vision-Luxo Magnifier Lamp

HLX7G2 Vision-Luxo Magnifier Lamp

$ 397.95

Imbued with a uniquely sleek contemporary design, our HLX7G2 LED is Luxo’s newest and most energy-efficient addition to its growing line of Premium-Quality Magnifiers. With its unique array of desirable features, this all-metal lamp is perhaps the finest portable LED lighting product on the market today.

A fully (infinitely variable) dimmable 9W LED light source produces 2500 lux* at 12” working distance - nearly 75% greater light output than earlier LUXO models. You'll enjoy the control to create the exact (and virtually shadow-free!) lighting you need! Offers a 9/4 hour automatic shut-off feature which further ensures energy savings.

Complete with a 3-diopter (1.75X) optical-quality glass lens, the HLX7 LED is a heavy-duty lamp ideal for a full range of high-precision tasks, including intricate scroll saw work.

With no knobs to tighten and nothing to continually adjust this lamp is also extremely convenient to use. Features Die-Cast Aluminum Shade with flexible, self-balancing and proprietary steel hands-free neck design allow the lamp head to be instantly secured in any position. The fully enclosed neck assembly and 45” reach heavy-duty internal-spring K-arm are also ideal for environments where cleanliness and sanitation are sought.

An edge clamp mounting bracket and soft cloth shade cover are included, and the lamp is also fully compatible with optional HEGNER lamp brackets.

Color: White. Made in Norway.

*One lux (1 lux) of light is a measure of the light density, equivalent to 1 lumen per square metre (lm / m^2). 

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