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Questions about Apollo Answered

Does Apollo TrueHVLP™ meet the strict Government Codes?

Apollo TrueHVLP™ spray guns offer transfer efficiency rates which EXCEED all known Government codes, including California SCAQMD 1136. Please ask us to send you a copy of our independent laboratory tests.

Are Apollo TrueHVLP™ spray guns as good as conventional spray guns?

Two years of thorough testing, input from professional finishers and computer aided design (CAD) have delivered Maxi-Mizer™ TrueHVLP™, a spray gun that is perfect in weight, balance, style, size and performance. These guns fit snugly into your hand with smooth trigger action. Apollo TrueHVLP™ spray guns are widely used in all industries from automotive to woodworking, by amateur and professional finishers alike. Customer satisfaction is the measure of success with Apollo TrueHVLP™ spray guns.

Superb design and manufactured from the best quality materials, Apollo TrueHVLP™ Air Conversion Spray Guns consistently out perform other HVLP spray guns. In studies and tests, Apollo comes out on top. We fully guarantee our spray guns for two years.

Do air conversion HVLP spray guns work as well as a HVLP turbine spray systems?

HVLP Air Conversion spray gun designs vary widely. Many HVLP guns are actually modified conventional spray guns. Most HVLP conversion spray guns consume large amounts of air and can require a large (5 horse power or larger) dedicated compressor to provide enough air to run them. The Apollo A5100 series air conversion spray guns are designed much like a turbine spray gun, not a conventional spray gun. All air ports and passageways throughout the gun are 1/2 inch or larger. The unique design of the A5100 series spray guns (patent #5279461 and #5429307) require less air pressure and cfm (7 cfm @ 45 psi) than other HVLP air conversion spray guns, thus enabling them to run off a small 3 hp air compressor or larger. Apollo 8000 series spray guns are designed like a conventional spray gun with all the benefits of Apollo TrueHVLP™.

Best of all, the performance and results are equal to any HVLP turbine system. In fact, the same gun will instantly convert to run off any make turbine system as well. The A5100 series and 8000 series spray guns will spray any sprayable material from stains to latex house paint, contact adhesive, Multi-Spec, Zolatone, and all automotive, aircraft and marine finishes.

How do TrueHVLP™ conversion guns work?

With the 5100 series spray gun, an internal, spherical air expansion chamber together with an "air-miser" valve enables compressed air to be converted, within the spray gun, to TRUE high volume air. Apollo TrueHVLP™ conversion spray guns perform identically to an HVLP turbine spray gun, plus they reduce air consumption by 50% . This patented feature enables the Apollo TrueHVLP™ spray gun to run off a 3 HP or larger air compressor.

Spray control, atomization and speed are identical to the finest conventional spray guns; PLUS you have all the benefits of TrueHVLP™.

With the 8000 series spray gun, unique design provides you have the option of gravity feed, standard cup or production along with Apollo TrueHVLP™ efficiency.

Spray control, atomization and speed are identical to the finest conventional spray guns; PLUS you have all the benefits of TrueHVLP™.

Are conversion guns easy to use?

The Apollo TrueHVLP™ 5100 series and 8000 series conversion spray guns are very simple to operate and easy to maintain. They have full spray pattern control which can be adjusted from an 1/8" line to a 15" fan depending on your choice of spray gun. Alternative size tips,needles and air caps are available for specialized coatings. The air pressure used at the handle can be varied from 20 psi to 80 psi (producing 2 psi - 10 psi at the air cap). This means you can spray virtually all sprayable coatings, including waterborne, latex and adhesives.

How do I keep my spray gun in top condition?

No matter what type or brand of spray gun you use, regular maintenance and cleanliness are essential to proper function. Even a slightly contaminated gun can cause significant quality reduction in your finish!

  • Use an appropriate gun-cleaning solution. Apollo cleaning fluid is both less toxic than many other brands and is reusable for greater economy.
  • Dip the gun's front end into the solution just enough to submerge the fluid connection. Submerging the gun further can be counterproductive, in that the cleaning solution can enter areas where its presence can actually reduce gun performance.
  • Brush off any residual sprayed material.
  • Wipe off residual solvent from gun exterior.
  • Petroleum jelly may be used to coat the fluid-control spring, while light oiling is recommended for the various packings and trigger pivot point. Lubrication should be performed before each use for infrequent users, or as often as daily with regular use.
  • Nozzles and needles are typically precision components that require extra care in handling, and should be cleaned separately by soaking them in the gun-cleaning medium to dissolve any remaining dried finishing material.
  • Never use excessive force to clean a nozzle, including using instruments made of metal that is harder than the nozzle, as this could permanently ruin its spraying capability.
  • After soaking, blow nozzles dry with clean air.
  • Finally, avoid modifying the gun. If you have a problem or question, contact the manufacturer ot dealer.
Can I use my standard air compressor for TrueHVLP™?

TrueHVLP™ refers to any HVLP spray gun that will provide sealed air pressure under 10 psi and follows the design principals of air turbine spray guns, i.e. large air passage ways. Other HVLP spray guns that measure dynamic pressure (flow pressure) 10 psi or less are usually modified conventional high pressure spray guns. There is no question that in most instances, TrueHVLP™ Spray Guns would offer maximum efficiency and the lowest air consumption.

TrueHVLP™ Spray Guns will operate off of a standard air compressor or any turbine with equal performance. Apollo TrueHVLP™ Conversion Spray Guns work off compressed air or any make of air turbine system. As long as your compressor is able to produce 7CFM @ 45PSI, constantly, you will have no problems spraying most materials.

How do turbine systems differ?

There are three parts to a "turbine system":
  • The turbine or motor which drives your air supply
  • The air hose which carries the air
  • The spray gun
There are a number of factors to consider when trying to compare different brands and models. These factors are:
  • The size and power of the turbine
  • The quality of the motor
  • The case housing design
The size and power of the turbine motor is directly related to the type of materials that you are able to spray. The smaller the motor the less power it has and thus it will have the power to only spray thin bodied materials, or materials that can be thinned down at least 30% with no problems. The more powerful the motor the wider variety of coatings you are able to spray. Apollo has a <ahref=" "="">wide variety and sizes of turbines to choose from.

The quality of the turbine motor used is very important. You can always be assured that at Apollo Sprayers we use only the best quality, all aluminum, ball-bearing motors, manufactured in the USA by Ametek-Lamb.

Case housing design is extremely important. Smaller cases are not designed for achieving maximum turbine motor life. A small case does not provide sufficient air circulation. This will cause the turbine motor to run hot. Heat eventually leads to premature bearing failure. All Apollo turbine sprayers are manufactured with at least two independent air filters and louvered vents on two sides. All units carefully designed to the exact specifications required by the turbine manufacturer to provide maximum life expectancy.

Air hoses used with HVLP turbine systems are either 5/8 inch or 3/4 inch in diameter. Most turbine systems use air hoses that are 3/4 inch in diameter. These hoses tend to be bulky and heavy. They can cause operator fatigue and they lack flexibility. Apollo's standard size hose is a comfortable 5/8 inch and comes with a 4 foot flex whip on the spray gun end. This smaller diameter hose with the flex whip greatly helps to relieve wrist fatigue associated with long spray jobs. It also allows the operator to turn the gun in virtually any position with ease. Hose length can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Be careful not to get too long or too short an air hose for the size turbine you buy. Apollo custom matches each turbine size with the correct size air hose. Apollo air hoses have an internal spiral helix to maintain shape and full air flow.

The third and probably most important part of the "turbine system" is the spray gun. How your spray gun is constructed and the tolerances used are critical in achieving high performance and having easy, trouble-free maintenance. Apollo HVLP spray guns are pressure die cast in high grade aluminum, then machined to aircraft tolerances. Spray guns with "O" rings and plastic parts will increase the service and maintenance required. Apollo spray guns have no "O" rings or plastic parts, very few gaskets, making cleanup quick, easy and thus reducing maintenance.

With the demands of modern solvents and waterborne coatings, stainless steel wetted/fluid parts are critical. Aluminum, alloys and other metals will cause serious corrosion and contamination to your spray gun and coatings. Apollo spray guns are constructed using only marine grade stainless steel for all wetted/fluid parts, including the spring and plate in the air cap assembly, the trigger and all screws.

There are two types of turbine spray guns, bleeder and non-bleeder type spray guns. Bleeder spray guns allow the air to continually flow through the gun as long as the turbine is running. Non-bleeder type spray guns have an internal valve, which shuts off the air flow when the trigger is released. Most HVLP turbine spray guns use the bleeder type, however there are a few manufacturers that offer non-bleeder guns with HVLP turbines. Non-bleeder spray guns are not recommended for use with turbines. They cause back pressure in the motor, which in turn causes heat buildup and eventually bearing seizure. This can still happen even with a relief valve. These valves do not work as well as bleeder type spray guns. Apollo spray guns are all bleeder type spray guns.