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Apollo Precision HVLP Spray Systems

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 THE PRECISION SERIES. Beyond the new looks, these models offer our Pressure Control System (PCS™). This feature controls motor speed, voltage and amperage adjusting automatically for altitude and barometric pressure assuring precise atomizing pressure worldwide. The PRECISION Series adds 21% & 30% more atomizing pressure above the previous model 1050VR, further enhancing the ability to atomize the widest range of coatings thick to thin. The Throttle Back Control (TCB™) permits the highest available flow pressure and increased motor longevity and our new LCD Message Center provides accurate pressure display, motor idling, temperature and an hour use meter. Great features for every finisher.

NOW Introducing the NEW Precision-6 PRO System!!!

Precision Pro 6 Plus


 Apollo Limited Edition PRECISION-5 PRO HVLP                       Apollo PRECISION-6  PRO HVLP