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About Apollo

Why Choose Apollo TrueHVLP™ Spray Guns and Systems?
Since 1966 Apollo has consistently provided innovative Low Overspray HVLP products for spray finishing. Today, our state-of-the-art factory in Vista, California, USA, continues to manufacture HVLP products utilizing modern manufacturing techniques and up-to-date HVLP technology.

Apollo HVLP products are used for industrial and commercial finishing as well as in the quality-oriented home workshop. Our commitment to ongoing research and development ensures that all products produced by Apollo Sprayers provides the newest, most efficient and easiest-to-use HVLP technology available. Our manufacturing conforms to all trueHVLP principles.

Apollo maintains constant research and development, testing the latest and most powerful turbine motors available. Close ties to coatings manufacturers ensures accurate technical advice to finishers along with equipment capable of handling the newest coating technology.

Why Choose an Apollo TrueHVLP™ Turbine System?

The optimum finishing solution is a complete ApolloSpray system, including a spray gun, air hose and turbine. You’ll be assured of a consistent source of clean, moisture-free air, and have well-matched components ready to use at all times. Be sure and choose the proper turbine for the coatings and viscosity you will use: an underpowered system will not produce desirable results.

The Apollo 835 series is well-suited to handle light to medium bodied fluids such as oil stains, wood preservatives, thin lacquers, and can also comfortably handle waterborne finishes and other fluids where only moderate thinning is advised. To gain additional atomizing pressure for optimum performance with virtually any sprayable product, including heavier paints, architectural products, latex and more, the Apollo 1035, 1050, 1100 or 1200 are your best choice.

Choose an Apollo Turbine System and enjoy:

  • Guaranteed Flawless Performance
  • Precision-machined, precision cast all-metal spray gun
  • No o-rings for low maintenance
  • Quick and easy cleanup.
  • Reliability — US made Ametek, all-aluminum, ball-bearing motors
  • Durability
  • Strong case housing optimally sized for heat dissipation and long turbine life.
  • Low Maintenance
  • Dual cartridge, dual ventilation with pre-filters for full air circulation.
  • Ease of Use
  • Light and flexible 5/8" hose with whip to eliminate wrist fatigue.

  • Why Choose an Apollo TrueHVLP™ Conversion Gun?

    If you already own a compressor (3hp, 20 gallon tank or larger) and have a good moisture/oil filter installed, you may prefer to simply use an Apollo TrueHVLP spray gun with your air compressor. Its patented design provides atomizing performance equal to that of a complete Apollo system: its drawback is that it will time up your compressor. However, you can always add a turbine later: the Apollo spray gun for compressed air can run either with you compressor or an Apollo turbine! Choose an Apollo Conversion Gun and enjoy these benefits:
    • True HVLP Results
    • Dramatically reduced overspray
    • Material savings
    • Compliance with local environmental codes
    • Uses only 7cfm @ 45psi, 1/2" air passages. Measures sealed pressure under 10psi for performance absolutely equal to a turbine system
    • Guaranteed Flawless Performance
    • Precision-machined, precision cast all-metal spray gun: no o-rings for low maintenance, quick and easy cleanup
    • Ease of Installation — Works perfectly with a 3+HP, 20+ gal. air compressor or instantly converts to work with any turbine system
    • Versatility
    • Will spray virtually any sprayable coating