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Tormek US-105/US-103 Universal Support

Tormek US-105/US-103 Universal Support

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The versatile TORMEK Universal Support is the basis of the TORMEK system. It is made of 12 mm (approx. 1/2") round steel and has a double mounting for maximum stability. The Universal Support incorporates a micro adjust for exact and fast fine setting.

  • Support for the grinding jigs.
  • Support for the Diamond Truing Tool TT-50.
  • Tool rest when grinding without jigs.
  • Rest for your hands when grinding free-hand.
  • Rest for your hands when grading the stone with the Stone Grader SP-650.
  • Choose Support for T-7 and T-8 or T-3 above.
The Universal Support can be placed in three positions:

The Universal Support can be placed either in the vertical sleeves or in a horizontal base. These two positions enable you to grind either towards the edge or away from the edge.

The Universal Support can also be placed horizontally for honing with jigs. Honing must always be done with the wheel running away from the edge.

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