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HEGNER Multimax 18-V Variable Speed 18" Scroll Saw

HEGNER Multimax 18-V Variable Speed 18" Scroll Saw

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$ 1,495.00 $ 2,242.80

Enjoy the Best and Ultimate Scrolling Experience with Your HEGNER Precision Scroll Saw.  Accuracy, Smoothness, Durability, Quick Blade Change & Reliability all make Hegner the Best. With its low maintenance, compact, quiet, precise and versatile design, it lets you cut almost any material like a professional. Clean cuts, minimize sanding time.

Enjoy your Scrolling Experience with a dual-tilt table, 400-1700 RPM variable speed induction motor, sawdust management system and workpiece hold-down as standard equipment, the Hegner Multimax 18-V remains our most popular model. With its low maintenance, compact, quiet, precise and versatile design, it lets you cut almost any material and create an enormous variety of projects. This exceptional machine was WOOD magazine's choice as "best overall performer" of all major premium brands, and winner of American Woodworking's "Editor's Choice" Award.

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What's in the box: The 18-V is supplied fully assembled with a hold-down arm, dual-tilt worktable and sawdust blower/dust extraction system.  Also included: one pair  of 0.7mm blade clamps mounted on the machine, one extra pair of 0.7mm blade clamps, 2 Tuffscrews, one Tuffwrench, one plastic table insert, metal table insert installed on the machine, and an assortment of 76 saw blades, and miscellaneous operating hardware. (Want to re-order the blades that were included with your Hegner Scroll Saw? Click Here!)   Note:  Photo above shows optional QuickClamp, which may be ordered separately, and is also included in the Value Package below.

Our normal scroll saw package includes the standard height Scroll Saw Stand especially designed for this machine. We strongly recommend use of the stand with the machine to optimize performance and ensure smooth operation, and you save by purchasing them together. However, the saw is available without the stand - simply choose this option from the drop-down menu.

Overall Dimensions of the Saw:   M18-V:  24”L x 12”W x 15”H : 7-1/8" from top of metal stand to top of saw table.

The above measurements are approximate and include all standard parts that may protrude from the table and machine.  These measurements do not include the optional lamps.

Specs: 18" Throat, 2-5/8" Thickness Capacity , Blade Stroke .75" (standard) or .47" , Quicklock Tension System , Dual-tilt 45°/15° table , 400-1700 RPM 2.83A Induction Motor , 110V-60Hz , Workpiece Hold-down w/ Fingerguard

Save even more with one of our popular Value Packages which, in addition to the stand, include the Hegner QuickClamp, our Footswitch, our custom Lamp Mounting Bracket, and either the HLX6 Magnifier Lamp or our deluxe HLX7 Magnifier Lamp.

Would you like to re-order the same blade sample pack shipped with a new saw ?

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