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Technical Information – HEGNER Precision Scroll Saws

What your HEGNER will do for you - plus how and why it is able to do it

This page provides basic technical information and also details exactly what HEGNER High-Performance Precision Saws offer you that you won’t find even on the better regular scroll saws.

Easy Setup

Each HEGNER comes to you carefully packed and fully assembled and ready to run (saw is assembled, stand is welded), except for optional accessories. Simply read the manual, attach the saw to the stand (three or four bolts, depending on the model), tension the blade, plug your machine into an outlet, and then turn it on to start sawing!

You even get 76 assorted blades to get you started and keep you sawing until you can order more of the blades you like best. And you don’t need to use our blades, although they re the choice of many professional around the world: HEGNER saws use standard 5” plain-end blades you can get most anywhere.

Quiet, Smooth Operation

Precision arm alignment; optimal bearing selection (durable sleeve bearings for pivots, premium anti-friction bearings in full-rotation drive assembly) for long-term smoothness and maintenance-free reliability; Large, powerful motor (induction type, rarely used by others due to its cost) for reliable, maintenance-free operation); Oversized, balanced flywheel for steady speed maintenance and natural counterbalancing; Compact drive system (for low weight to minimize wear and vibration; Pressure-cast I-beam arms for optimum strength, flexibility, weight, and balance; All-cast base, mainframe and worktable for rugged durability and effective vibration dampening; CNC machining throughout for extreme precision to ensure structural integrity and proper fit of all parts. All these and many more factors are responsible for the world-renowned HEGNER operating smoothness, and for maintaining that smoothness through years of use.

Exceptional Cutting “Feel”

In addition to its smooth and quiet operation, your HEGNER produces its legendary “feel” by taking advantage of the following key design elements: Patented, low-blade fatigue blade holders; unique arm geometry to keep the blade almost perfectly vertical at all times (less “chatter,” more comfortable operation, and less burning of wood or melting of plastic than with conventional saws); Precision-engineered “arm flex” (to absorb sawing stresses instead of adding to operator and blade fatigue); Precision-machined work table surface (for optimal sliding friction); Unique “dual dynamic tensioning” (lets you adjust blade tension even while saw is running at full speed); An instantly stable, space-saving welded triangular stand (for optimum vibration dampening).

These are just a few of the more obvious elements that create the performance for which HEGNER High-Performance Universal Precision Saws are known.

Superior Results

The quality of the work produced by HEGNER High-Performance Precision Saws is generally acknowledged by both owners and the media as second to none. Some of the reasons why HEGNER saws consistently produce such superior results:

Unmatched precision in the design and execution of the sawing frame, including arms, tension assembly and blade holders (all of which provide superior operator control); unique blade frame geometry (this determines the blade action, which is responsible for both the comfortable “feel” and the superb finish on the cut edges of your work); Secure table mounts (to maintain the table both free of vibration and at a consistent angle to the blade); Unique replaceable “zero-clearance” table insert -- this unique HEGNER bonus feature provides support for the workpiece right up to the work line, dramatically increasing control for fine work and reducing or even completely eliminating tearout on the underside of any material.

The replaceable table insert also prevents damage to the blade or table casting that could otherwise occur from incidental contact between the two when the blade is flexed, which is a problem on many conventional saws, especially over time.

Consistent Performance over Extended Periods

Of all constant-tension scroll saws sold today, none have been on the market as long as HEGNER, so no one can claim a stronger track record. Even with as many old machines as we have in service, our parts sales are less than $2 per saw per year. That makes HEGNER the most reliable and most trouble-free brand, by far, in the industry.

HEGNER High-Performance Universal Precision Scroll Saw Specifications

All four featured HEGNER Scroll Saw models include:

  • All-cast construction
  • Dynamic tensioning
  • Two pairs of 0.7mm patented blade holders
  • Fully slotted worktable
  • Oversize induction motor
  • Integrated sawdust blower
  • Insta-Stop safety spring
  • 76 assorted blades
  • Hardware
  • Easy instructions with many photographs
  • Advanced Machinery’s unmatched Four-Way Warranty Package.
The recommended welded steel stand for the first three models is 17-1/2” wide, 16” deep, and 32-1/2” high - the Polymax stand is slightly larger and heavier.

HEGNER Multimax 14e /(formerly Multimax 2) Single Speed Scroll Saw:
Perfect for medium to coarse detail on wood up to 28” across. Very smooth and precise.
  • 1700 RPM, 1.9A motor
  • 14-1/3” throat
  • 1-7/8” thickness capacity
  • 45-degree-tilt 15”x7" worktable
  • table height 6-1/8”
Click here for more the 14e.

HEGNER Multimax 18v Variable Speed High-Performance Universal Precision Scroll Saw.
Our most popular model. Compact, quiet, precise and versatile.
WOOD magazine's choice as "best overall performer" of premium brands.
American Woodworking's "Editor's Choice."
  • 18” throat
  • 2-5/8” thickness capacity
  • Blade Stroke 12mm/.47" OR 20mm/.75"
  • QuickLock Tensioning System
  • Dual-tilt (45/15) 17"x9" table
  • 400-1700 RPM 2.83A induction motor
  • 110V~, 60Hz, 100W
  • Workpiece hold-down/fingerguard
  • Plus all Hegner features listed above.
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HEGNER Multimax 22v Variable Speed High-Performance Universal Precision Scroll Saw.
Handles work up to 44” across. The largest capacity HEGNER.
WOOD magazine’s choice for its original "Idea Shop."
  • 22” throat
  • 2-5/8” thickness capacity
  • 400-1700 RPM 2.83A induction motor
  • Dual-tilt (40 degree left/15 degree right) 17"x9" table
  • 110V~, 60Hz, 100W
  • All the features of the 18v, plus extra size and weight.
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HEGNER Polymax Industrial Eight Speed High-Performance Universal Precision Scroll Saw.
Handles work up to 40” across. 4 drive Speeds, 2 stroke settings.
WORKBENCH called it "the ultimate in tools!"
  • 20” throat
  • 1 7/8” thickness capacity
  • 2 stroke settings
  • 700/1100/1270/1600 RPM belt drive
  • 110V-60Hz
  • 19"x10" cast iron table
  • 45 degree left tilt
  • 3.2A maintenance-free induction motor
  • 96 lbs.
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