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Hegner Projects

Discover what YOU can do with a HEGNER Saw!

Intarsia – diverse wood species are cut to match each other following a specific pattern, then are contoured using sanding equipment before being assembled onto a backer. Valuable projects for sale or gifting. Use any HEGNER with adequate throat depth: 18” or 22” models are most often chosen.

Signs and Plaques – usually sawn from rich-grained hardwoods, typically ¾” thick. Easy to make using lettering templates. Great starter projects – makes attractive personal item. Use any HEGNER Precision Scroll Saw.

Inlays – high-precision patterns cut with table at a slight tilt. Requires medium or better operator skill and a variable speed saw for better control and gentle handling of very fine blades. 18” or 22” HEGNER with variable speed are recommended.

Personalized Footstool – Great gift for kids or grandkids! Requires power AND control, as well as thick blades held in a consistently perpendicular position – a HEGNER design specialty. Use 18” or 22” HEGNER models for their unsurpassed 2-5/8” thickness capacity.

Collapsible basket – Fascinatingly easy to make, these baskets are sawn from a single board at a slight table bevel, and can be left flat for storage or transport, or expanded for display and use in only seconds without tools. Several books and other sources of patterns are available, or design your own! 18” or 22” saws are preferred for their extra throat depth.

Fretwork – repetitive inside cuts produce classic, often historically meaningful scroll art. More time-consuming than standard scroll work, but uniquely rewarding as well. Use UniMax for thin stock due to its free blade for quickest possible changeover from one cut to the next. For larger stock, choose an 18” or 22” model for its QuickLock Tension Release.

SCROLLER Patterns– Invented by Roy King and Scott Kochendorfer, this unique pattern style is now available exclusively from SCROLLER, Ltd. In Fenton, Michigan. The 18” HEGNER is the most common saw used for these projects due to its high tolerance for very fine blades and variable speed motor.

3-D Projects – Although the appear to have several layers, these clever designs are cut from a single piece of wood. By gentle tilting the table in different directions, sections of the project can be slid partially out of another until they “lock” in place, creating the three-dimensional look with an absolute minimum of effort. Choose an 18” or 22” machine for its extra clearance, which makes moving the work around the table easier.

Yard Art – Large pieces can be cut on a HEGNER, too! A little planning will let you handle projects up to twice the throat depth of your saw! For maximum flexibility, a 22” HEGNER is recommended for larger projects.

Decorative painting blanks – painting on wood offers unique dimension and texture, in an easily and inexpensively produced piece that painters can quickly produce themselves. Metal and plastic materials are also cut easily. Any HEGNER can do the job for wood blanks: a variable-speed model is recommended for sawing non-wood materials.

Miniatures – Both HEGNER Scroll Saws and the versatile Accura MK4 are ideal tools for accurate and fast production of miniature houses, furniture, and more. Choose a variable speed model for better control with small or thin work.

Children’s Toys – With a scroll saw, the world is your oyster! You can make just about any item in any material, and toys are a perfect project! Why spend big bucks on store-bought toys when you can give a unique, personal gift that will be cherished for generations? 18” or 22” saws are recommended for their greater capacities.

Corian – A beautiful and versatile material. Scrollers long-ago discovered how HEGNER Saws can turn countertop scrap into valuable keepsakes. A variable-speed saw is highly recommended.

Metalwork – Far more challenging than standard wood cutting, metal crafting is a particular strength of the HEGNER design due to its unique blade holding and driving design details. Variable speed is absolutely essential for this activity.

Odd Jobs – Use you HEGNER for all kinds of sawing, from copper or plastic plumbing pipe to multi-layered cloth for quilting to customized notepads sawn in a profile of your choosing. Leather, wax, rubber: all these and more are easily and cleanly cut with a HEGNER Precision Saw. Variable-speed models are highly recommended for maximum versatility.