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HEGNER High-Performance Precision Scroll Saws

Enjoy the Best and Ultimate Scrolling Experience with Your HEGNER Precision Scroll Saw.  Accuracy, Smoothness, Durability, Quick Blade Change, Reliability all make Hegner the Best. With its low maintenance, compact, quiet, precise and versatile design, it lets you cut almost any material like a professional. Clean cuts, minimize sanding time. 

These exceptional machines became the world standard of the industry in the late 1970's, and retain an unmatched reputation for performance and value. MADE IN GERMANY these machines continue to provide the highest quality, ease of use and longevity of any scroll saw brand currently available.

A HEGNER High-Performance Precision Saw will enable you to readily follow intricate patterns in a wide range of materials and thicknesses, make on-the-spot turns whenever you wish, set up inside cuts easily, and produce smooth sawn edges without sanding; and all this with standard, inexpensive blades.

While their functional cornerstone is the patented blade clamp design, what makes these saws unique is their exceptionally broad and balanced performance.  Most machines excel in one area or another, but HEGNER saws inspiringly address every classic scroll-sawing need:  quick and easy blade installation, low stress on blades for longer life, smooth and quiet operation, precise blade guidance for maximum control and accuracy, emergency upper arm stoppage for extra safety, highly reliable and durable construction, a space-saving configuration, ergonomic user features, and most importantly a unique blade frame geometry that not only maximizes performance, but creates a unique sawing "feel" which no other saw has ever been able to replicate.

HEGNER Saws are enjoyed by individuals at all skill levels, male and female, grade-schooler, retirement home dweller, or anywhere in between. For hobbyists, they provide unmatched pleasure; for professionals, superior productivity and an unmatched return on investment.

In the forty years since HEGNER Saws were introduced, hundreds of experts and, more importantly, hundreds of thousands of satisfied owners have experienced and confirmed HEGNER superior technology and performance. While erstwhile competitors have consistently fallen by the wayside, HEGNER has always been, and today remains your best choice for a truly satisfying scroll saw experience.

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Hegner Precision Scroll Saws
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