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About Us

Advanced Machinery is a family business which began operating out of a private home in 1975. Telephones were still mostly rotary-dial, international communication was mostly by telex, there was no internet, and the closest you could come to finding anything resembling a smartphone was in science fiction movies.

Our "old-school" commitment was to discover and deliver uniquely capable products to discriminating consumers interested in quality tools, focusing on the kinds of items you couldn't find elsewhere then, and still won't find in today's box stores. 

After numerous moves and product line expansions, we arrived at our present 20,000 sq.ft. Delaware facility in 1983. Our founder retired in 1989 and passed away in 2009: his oldest son continue to operate the business to the present day.

More than 40 years since we earned our first customer, we continue to deliver carefully selected premium world-class items to those who appreciate Advanced Machinery's combination of exceptional product performance, comprehensive support, and commitment to personal service.