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OrbiCut Low Speed Cutting Tool by Plano

OrbiCut Low Speed Cutting Tool by Plano

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OrbiCut is a new and unique low speed, high-control cutting tool, engineered and manufactured in Sweden, that smoothly and pleasantly hollows concave surfaces, and can also be used to shape any surface and contour in wood and other porous materials. The idea behind the tool comes from planing wood. The sharp, replaceable blades produce small shavings instead of scraping dust as high speed routing tools do. OrbiCut’s form and construction establish it as an extremely safe tool provided it is used at the correct speeds (max 5000 rpm). 

This innovative new cutting tool is available in two sizes.  With its 20mm (just over 3/4") diameter, the Orbicut-20 is ideal for smaller projects and higher detail work, while the OrbiCut-40 (just under 1-9/16") is more suitable for larger radius work and larger surfaces. 

The durable OrbiCut blades are made from HSS steel and are available in two versions. The tool is delivered with finely honed cutters, fine blades, which protrude just 0.1 mm from the head of the tool and are secured in a fixed position.  These offer smoother action along with maximum control and comfort, but also offer only a limited level of cutting aggression, especially in hardwoods. PLEASE NOTE: For faster, more aggressive removal of material, the optional coarse blades are highly recommended!

Orbicut blades can be readily sharpened using our credit card-sized 1200 grit diamond sharpener. Sharpen the broad flat side of the cutter by rubbing it gently back and forth against the abrasive side of the sharpener. Note:  sharpening will gradually reduce blade protrusion and thus cutting intensity, but will also make your OrbiCut work more softly and pleasantly. 

We do not offer machines to drive OrbiCut tools since both OrbiCut 20 and 40 can be used in an ordinary hand drill as well as a variety of other power sources.  The OrbiCut works best at speeds between 2500 and 3500 rpm. Under no circumstances should operating speed exceed 5000 rpm.

The OrbiCut 40 has a shaft diameter of 11 mm (.44 in.) so it cannot be used on high RPM angle grinders or on a weak flexible shaft. The Orbicut 20 has a shaft diameter of 6 mm (.24 in) and therefore can be used with a Flexible Shaft.

Choose the Orbicut that's right for you, as well as any upgrades, from the dropdown menu above.  For maximum performance and extra value, choose our Platinum Package to enjoy the full range of Orbicut's unique capabilities!

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