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Rali Full Size Nickel Rabbetting Plane

Rali Full Size Nickel Rabbetting Plane

$ 199.95

Rali Full Size Nickel Rabbetting Plane

This top-of-the-line rabbeting plane is constructed with a heavy 245mm (9-5/8")laminated steel sole plate and smooth, nickel-plated sides. Its significant length gives it great stability and smoothness in operation. Like its smaller cousin (the G03, with a 4" long bed), the G30N offers instant adjustment of blade depth through an integrated eccentric cam. Throat opening is also adjustable, and the quick-change 30mm blades can be easily repositioned laterally for perfect corners on either side. Thoughtful design also includes a convenient storage cavity for spare blades. Easy-adjust fence is included. Fence is same as offered for G03L, and may be used on either plane.


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