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Rali 260 Evolution Pro Smoothing Plane

Rali 260 Evolution Pro Smoothing Plane

$ 179.95

Rali 260 Evolution Pro Smoothing Plane

The 260 is the largest addition to the RALI line, and offers unique advantages along with the longest bed (260mm, or 10") of any RALI plane. If you prefer the feel of a conventional plane together with the unique benefits of RALI design and quality, the 260 is your answer! With its extra length and weight, this smoothing plane eagerly welcomes its tasks, and leaves you with perfect results! Offering a design more similar to common planes, the 260 Evolution features RALI's unique reversible and replaceable blades: the plane is supplied with four spare blades. Replacement blades are the same 48 mm size used in the 220 and 105 models.

Old House Journal reviewed this plane in February 2014 and said this:

"With its replaceable blades, the Rali was a favorite for beginners who might not have the equipment (or inclination) for blade sharpening. The unique design also won praise for in-the-field convenience: “Embedded nails and paint quickly ruin blades, but with this plane, a damaged blade isn’t much of an issue,” said contractor Tom McPoyle. Because of its light weight, it was the top choice for planing vertical surfaces."

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