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MultiTool Belt Grinding Machine or Attachment

MultiTool Belt Grinding Machine or Attachment

$ 239.00 $ 579.90

The MultiTool attachment has been a very popular tool for many years and can be attached to most grinders. Now the attachment is also available as part of a complete machine including a 1HP bench grinder that features an 8" grinding stone on the left hand side and the MultiTool on the right side. It is available either in the 36"x 2"  version. Fabricators can grind on the front contact wheel, slack belt area, flat platen, side disc or traditional stone. Most of the assembly has been completed and each machine includes final assembly instructions plus one belt and disc.

As an attachment, the MultiTool turns your ordinary bench grinder into an incredibly versatile metal finishing tool. The belt grinder has three contact options: the flat platen, the contact wheel and the slack belt. Each offers its own performance advantages. The contact wheel removes stock at a surprising pace, but keeps the operation surprisingly cool. The platen delivers a flat reference. The slack belt conforms to contours in your workpiece. The attachment can be mounted in different positions. We offer the attachment in 2"x 36" (shown), or 2"x 48" size: click on size to see images and select in the drop-down box. We also offer belts for sharpening, shaping, cleaning and polishing. Belt changes take just seconds and require no tools. The face of the drive wheel also features a 7" sanding disc.

Upgrade your MultiTool by adding an optional disk sanding table with miter gauge.

Save $20 when you order the complete 36" x 2" machine with the Disc Sanding table or save $10 when you choose the MultiTool Attachment with the Disc Sanding Table in the drop down box above!

Please Note: MultiTool fits most popular brands of grinders with screw-on type wheel guards with no special adapter required. The fitting kit contains a universal adapter with radial slots to suit the wheel guard mounting holes, and easy to follow instructions. MultiTool will NOT fit a grinder with heavy cast wheel guards if the guards are used to retain the spindle bearings. We recommend a quality 1/2 hp grinder as a minimum with 3/4 or 1 hp preferred. If you'd like to use heavy backing belts such as 3M Scotch-Brite, a 1 hp motor is required. Shaft size must be 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch. With a standard 3,450 RPM grinder belt speed is approximately 5,400 surface feet per minute.

Here's a recent review on this tool:

Amazing Tool

by Brian on January 23, 2014: 

This attachment is great. Mine was given too me by an old boss. I used it for a couple years at work daily. I've used it for many more years in my garage. So industrial or home use is no problem. Approaching 10 years and still works perfect. The price is a bit steep at first, but after seeing everything I've done with this thing the price is nothing. Takes seconds to change the belt. I've polished aluminum to a mirror finish and just ripped through steel like its nothing depending on the grit used. I would never part with this valuable attachment in this lifetime.

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