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Machine Stands for Scroll Saws

Machine Stands for Scroll Saws

$ 189.00

Machine Stand especially designed for Scroll saws.

Three legged steel welded stands take up less than one-third the floor space of conventional four-legged stands and never need leveling. These stands are especially designed to absorb vibration inherent in scroll saws, and they are powdercoated for superb, long-lasting finish.

Stands for Multimax models:
  • Standard stand is 31½” high. Weight 32 LBS.
  • Short stand designed for chair height is 20¼" high. Weight 27 LBS.
  • Wheelchair compatible stand is 24¼" high with 25" clearance between legs. Weight 33 LBS. (Special Order)
Stands for Polymax:
  • Standard stand is 31 1/2" high and weighs 35 lbs.
  • Short stand designed for chair height is 20 1/4" high. Weight 30 LBS. (Special Order)

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*NOTE: Bolts, which originally come with the Saw package, are not automatically included with the stands and must be purchased separately. (part# SB&W $3.00, includes 3 Bolts & 3 Washers except for Polymax, which requires 4 bolts, 4 nuts and 12 washers.

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