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HoneRite Gold Water Additive

HoneRite Gold Water Additive

$ 39.95

Add this fluid to the water that you are using to lubricate your sharpening medium, i.e to the water in your water trough. The fluid when mixed with the water creates a coating on the metal that is corrosion resistant. Hone Rite Gold is a universal grinding, honing and lapping additive that makes water non-corrosive. Hone Rite Gold changes the water to a non-corrosive protectant while coating steel in the form of a water soluble anti-corrosion inhibitor. It is supplied as a concentrate and is added to the water, protecting both the machine and anything in the vicinity that may get splashed. It is highly recommended for use with all makes of powered water stone grinder sharpening systems. It can also be used with Japanese water stones. The 250ml bottle makes a total of 6 liters of honing/grinding fluid.

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