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APOLLO Atomizer 7700 Spray Gun for HVLP Turbines or Compressors

APOLLO Atomizer 7700 Spray Gun for HVLP Turbines or Compressors

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$ 451.00 $ 584.00

The AtomiZer delivers enhanced TRUE HVLP performance and flawless results with any make turbine or air compressor 3HP 20 gallon tank or larger. 
The AtomiZer puts precision control at your fingertips with the patented Xpansive™ Fan control Ring.

The AtomiZer was awarded the prestigious Sequoia Award for the most “innovative” new product at the 2007 Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) show in Las Vegas.

The AtomiZer offers MicroTech™ Atomization Technology for the finest finish, every time.

Amazingly comfortable to use. The Unique balance and lightweight design make the AtomiZer so perfectly balanced, it is hard to tell if the cup is full or empty.

Internal parts are expertly engineered with marine-grade stainless steel and no “O”Rings, which makes the AtomiZer easy to clean. Color coded air caps make changing a complete range of tips and needles quick and easy.

The 7700 AtomiZer is the next generation after the much praised 7500 AtomiZer and offers these enhancements:

  1. All black anodized external parts, including overspray control.
  2. Gun metal matte finish on spray head casting
  3. Indicator marks laser etched into the material adjustment screw.
  4. Improved air distributor for better atomization.
  5. 3 turn removal of the air cap.  The threads on the air distributor have been changed to very course, and the air distributor is now annodized.  The combination of these two features will help prevent gluing their air cap ring to the air distributor.
  6. The locating pin is now built into air distributor instead of spray head. This  makes the pin and the casting stronger, thus helping to prevent breakage of the pin in the spray head.    
  7. Teflon gasket installed inside air cap ring.  This allows you to finger tighten the air cap ring and yet still be able to rotate the air cap to position it where needed, and it facilitates the adjustment of the fan type.

Unique Tri-Mode™ design allows three different cup configurations:
(Choose 7700 Gun Variation above to see pricing.)

  • Pressure feed – quick release quart cup or touch-up cup
  • Gravity feed — Four different cup sizes
  • Production – no cup provided. Use with 2 qt. Pressure Pot or larger

The Apollo 7700 Atomizer gun is supplied with a deluxe carrying case, spare parts kit, stainless steel material filter, sample bottle of genuine Apollo Spray Gun Lube and a wrench (spanner).

Available Tip & Needle Sizes for 7700 Gun:

  • 0.5mm - Use for Automotive clear coats when doing spot repair only.
  • 0.8mm - Use with very thin materials such as stains and dyes. Also used for auto clears and base coats
  • 1.0mm - (default size) Use for fine touch up, heavier stains, thin lacquers, varnish, shellac
  • 1.3mm - Use for most common clear and base coat finishes
  • 1.5mm - Use for heavier bodied clear and base coat finishes, lighter primers and latex paint on cabinets
  • 1.8mm - Use for heavy bodied clear finishes, light oil based paint finishes and Latex paint on doors and walls.
  • 2.0mm - Use for light primers, oil based finishes and Exterior latex finishes
  • 2.5mm - Use for most latex coatings, heavy build primers and multi-color finishes and Gel-Coat

If you would like the gun supplied with a needle size other than 1.0mm, enter the size in a note with your order. You will receive your gun with the Tip/Needle size you select along with the appropriate Air Cap.

If you are ordering the compressor version of the gun, you may wish to consider adding our in-line Air Regulator (shown at right), which lets you easily and accurately measure the air pressure to your spray gun. It reduces the air pressure from 0-100 PSI.


Please note: this is a non-bleeder gun - if your turbine is not equipped with an internal air relief valve you will need an external air relief valve.

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