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Rali Hand Planes and Rali Shark Chisels

Swiss-Made RALI Hand Planes

Precision Rali Planes provide these unique benefits:

  • Extremely easy to use, set up, or adjust
  • Change blades in less than 10 seconds - alignment is automatic
  • Lifetime construction - virtually indestructible even with heavy use
  • Instant fingertip control over blade depth using red lever at top of plane
  • Laminated steel soles provide perfectly a flat and smooth planing surface for life
  • Throat opening is adjustable on most models using included key
  • Back iron (chip breaker)is easily adjusted with a roller -- adapts to any job
  • Swiss design and quality

The latest innovation from Rali: the SHARK, a chisel with interchangeable blades.

Shown at left: the 3 sizes of the SHARK along with the included blades for each; plus the optional scraper and jigsaw blade holder attachments which are available separately as additional accessories for the SHARK L.

A RALI SHARK will save you time, space and money: you will forever avoid the task of sharpening, and you will enjoy a wide range of tool sizes while needing only a single handle, saving both the cost and the space these additional separate tools would otherwise require. 

Rali Heavy Duty Hand Planes

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Rali SHARK Chisels

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Rali SHARK Replacement Blades

Rali Universal Scraper
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