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How to use your Plano System

How to Use your PLANO System

First adjust clamps laterally for desired spacing along the length of the project (4” from each end, and 12” or less separation on center, is recommended), by sliding along mounting rail. Then adjust the lower linking arm assemblies to the same height on all clamps you will be using for the project, based on the width of the project. Measure down from the top of the PLANO clamp, and select closest linking arm position beyond (below) required width.

You can glue several narrow panels at once if you prefer, so long as total width is within your PLANO’s capacity: all you do is leave out the glue between the outside edges of adjacent panels.

After applying glue to the individual boards, place them one at a time into the PLANO System. Alternate grain directions to reduce future panel warping. Align ends. Working from one end, set initial pressure on each PLANO clamp, then return to each clamp to check and adjust tension as needed after inspecting panel for integrity.

Allow to dry, following recommendation of glue manufacturer, then remove glued-up panel(s). Clean residual glue off PLANO System. System is now ready for next job.

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