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Hegner Parts Finder

Find parts for all Hegner Scroll Saws here. Click on the machine you own to go to the part list. Have your parts diagram from your manual handy to identify your parts. 

Below you will find parts lists for various HEGNER machine models.  If you do not have your parts diagram, please visit our "Manuals and Product Brochures" page to get it. Note your part numbers and find them in the lists below.

If you need a switch, note the separate on/off switch listing at the bottom:  this information applies to several saw models and augments the individual model parts listings.

In case of questions, or if you prefer to order by phone rather than on line, please call 1-800-727-6553 (M-F, 10-3 Eastern Time, or leave a message 24/7).  You can also contact us if you have questions about installation after you receive your order. 

Multimax 14 / Multimax 2 Parts

Multimax 18 Parts

Multimax 22 Parts

Multimax 25 / Multimax 3 Parts

Polymax 3 Parts

Unimax Parts

On/Off Switches