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Apollo HVLP Technology

HVLP™ Technology - An Overview of the Technology Behind our Equipment

Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. has been a constant force and leading manufacturer in the worldwide development of HVLP spray equipment since 1966.

Apollo introduced the HVLP technology to the U.S. marketplace in the late 1970's. Apollo was responsible for bringing this technology to the attention of the Air Quality Management District in California in the early 1980's upon which the HVLP definition was created.

In the beginning, what we now know as HVLP was called a Turbo Sprayer since the original technology was an alternative air, turbine type unit that eliminated the need for an air compressor.

Today, we not only have a range of turbine generated HVLP systems but we also have HVLP spray guns that can operate from a conventional air compressor.


Turbine HVLP systems are best suited for light and medium duty applications. (Woodworking, automotive, aircraft, marine, farm equipment, machinery, amusement industry, contractors, on-site restoration, etc.).

The benefit of Turbine HVLP systems are their portability and mobility, (no compressor needed) (uses standard electricity). Their dramatically reduced overspray, material savings, a constant delivery of clean, moisture free, dry air (a big plus where blushing is a problem) an easy to use and maintain piece of equipment and, where applicable, compliance with local environmental codes.

Turbines are not only used by professionals but also by serious hobbyists in woodworking, automotive, airplane and boat restoration as well as the home handyman who desires to apply quality sprayed finishes.

Apollo HVLP turbine spray systems offer the finisher the ability to achieve quality Class A fine finishes with 80% - 90% reduced overspray/bounceback, material savings, equipment mobility, a constant delivery of clean, warm, dry air along with compliance of any local environmental codes with easy to use and easy to maintain equipment.

Apollo offers a full range of turbine sprayers and accessories to meet the widest range of finishing applications. Apollo holds exclusive patents on turbine design (Model 1100 and 1200), and also on Apollo TrueHVLP spray guns.


Sometimes called air conversion spray guns, HVLP air compressor spray guns will serve light to heavy professional and industrial applications desiring or needing to use the HVLP technology utilizing conventional compressed air. These spray guns will operate successfully with any air compressor 3hp, 20 gallon tank or larger.

Apollo offers a full range of HVLP air compressor spray guns to cover almost all professional and industrial applications.

Unique to HVLP spray guns is the Apollo5600 Maxi-Miser® Series that will not only work from a conventional air compressor but will also provide flawless performance on any HVLP turbine spray system.

Apollo HVLP Spray Systems and Spray Guns will apply the same coatings and address the same industries as those now using conventional compressed air.

Apollo HVLP Compressor Spray Guns will offer the same dramatic efficiency as Apollo Turbine Spray Systems.


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