Blade Clamps
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Blade Clamps

Blade Clamps

Available in three sizes. SOLD BY THE PAIR.
Choose 0.5mm for sawblades size 5 or smaller.
Choose 0.7mm for sawblades size 5 thru 9.
Choose 1.0mm for sawblades size 9 or larger.

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Tuff Key
For use with HEGNER TUFF SCREW for fastening saw blades in blade clamps.

This improved Key is made in Germany from hardened chrome vanadium steel with a nickel finish and 72mm (2 3/4")ergonomic plastic handle.

QuickClamp for Hegner Scroll Saws
Use instead of upper blade clamp and align your blade instantly. Positive stop puts blade in same position every time, and easy-grip knob places pressure directly on the blade for slip-free tightening.

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Tuff Screws
Replacement screws for HEGNER blade clamps.

Specials: ScrollAmerica Blade Assortments
Choose from three assortments in the dropdown bar below:

1)    Crafter's Value Package: SAVE 12%! 2 dozen ea. of (Double Reversed tooth) RP05, (Precision Milled tooth) PM05, (Reversed tooth) RT05, and (Two-way tooth) TW05.

2)    Hobby Value Package: SAVE 15%! 2 dozen ea. of (Double Reversed tooth) RP03, 05, 07, and 09.

3)    PRO Value Package: SAVE $5.00! 2 dozen ea. of (Precision Milled) PM03, 05, 07, and 09.