Diamond Truing Tool
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Diamond Truing Tool

Diamond Truing Tool

Diamond Truing Tool with screw feed trues the stone exactly round and flat.
  • Dual knob screw permits an easily controlled feed across the stone for a perfectly flat surface. If you feed faster, you create a rougher surface which grinds more quickly.
  • Mounts and locks instantly in the right position on the Universal support of the TORMEK sharpening system.
  • The cutting depth is controlled by the Micro Adjust on the Universal Support.

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Honing Compound
Use this 6000 grit compound on your leather Honing Wheels.

Stone Grader
The TORMEK Stone Grader is used to grade the Grindstone to a finer surface. The TORMEK Grindstone and the Tormek Blackstone Silicon both have a normal grit rating of 220 with a grain size is 0.06 mm (0.0024"). Use the Stone grader to change to a 1000 grit suitable for fine finish grinding/sharpening

Use the other side of the grader to return the stone to its 220 grit.

The stone grader is also used for renewing the Tormek Japanese Water Stone.

Universal Support
The versatile TORMEK Universal Support is the basis of the TORMEK system. It is made of 12 mm (approx. 1/2") round steel and has a double mounting for maximum stability. The Universal Support incorporates a micro adjust for exact and fast fine setting.

  • Support for the grinding jigs.
  • Support for the Diamond Truing Tool TT-50.
  • Tool rest when grinding without jigs.
  • Rest for your hands when grinding free-hand.
  • Rest for your hands when grading the stone with the Stone Grader SP-650.
  • Choose Support for T-7 or T-3 below.
The Universal Support can be placed in three positions:

The Universal Support can be placed either in the vertical sleeves or in a horizontal base. These two positions enable you to grind either towards the edge or away from the edge.

The Universal Support can also be placed horizontally for honing with jigs. Honing must always be done with the wheel running away from the edge.
Vertically in the two sleeves. For grinding towards the edge. Horizontally for grinding away from the edge. Horizontally for honing away from the edge.

Advanced Water Trough
Enlarged Lip
The Advanced Water Trough AWT-250 has an enlarged standard lip which ensures that your workbench stays free from water.

Magnet Cleans the Stone of Steel Particles
The water trough incorporates a strong magnet, which attracts the steel particles ground from the tools being sharpened. This keeps your stone clean and cutting more freely. These small steel particles are otherwise pressed into the stone surface and can disturb the sharpening. When cleaning the water trough, you’ll find that most of the steel will be located right on the magnet. It can be wiped off the water trough with a paper towel or rag.

Water Chute for Long Tools
For long tools that drip water over the edge of the lip (like chef’s knives and planer blades), just add the water chute. It attaches easily and directs the water back into the trough.

Tilt Shoes Control the Water Flow
Two Tilt Shoes are supplied with the AWT-250. You can use them to raise the honing wheel side of the machine so the water follows the tool towards the outside of the stone and runs back into the water trough. You minimize the water dripping onto the housing. This is an advantage especially when sharpening wide tools. When not required they can be stored magnetically under the machine.

Fits Tormek T-7, Tormek 2000 and all older models with 250 mm (10") stone.