ZFG Finger Joint Machine 
HEGNER Fingerjoint Machine HEGNER
You can make precise fingerjoints quickly and easily.

Make perfect fingerjoints quickly and easily with the HEGNER Fingerjoint Machine. Forget complicated jigs and fixtures! Now you can make boxes, drawers, frames and many other projects in only minutes with one easy setup!


The HEGNER Fingerjoint Machine is quickly mounted on most tables and benches. High-quality router bits cut cleanly, while precision guides produce accurate results. An enclosed housing design ensures maximum safety. This fingerjoint machine will let you make joints as small as 1/8” or as large as 7/16”, and get them consistently perfect! Within minutes you can complete box joints for all kinds of boxes and drawers. 43mm collar accepts AEG, Bosch or similar grinder motor, which is included with the machine.

Get professional results with this unique machine, made with the same expertise and attention to detail as HEGNER Precision Scroll Saws.

The HEGNER ZGF comes complete with motor and a set of four heliform cutters: 4, 6, 8, and 10mm.

Price: $795.00 


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Blade Clamps
Available in three sizes. SOLD BY THE PAIR.
Choose 0.5mm for sawblades size 5 or smaller.
Choose 0.7mm for sawblades size 5 thru 9.
Choose 1.0mm for sawblades size 9 or larger.

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QuickClamp for Hegner Scroll Saws
Use instead of upper blade clamp and align your blade instantly. Positive stop puts blade in same position every time, and easy-grip knob places pressure directly on the blade for slip-free tightening.

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Lamp Mounting Bracket
Specially made bracket to mount any lamp with 1/2" shank directly to Hegner scrollsaws. Available for HEGNER Multimax and Polymax scrollsaws.

Also makes a convenient holder for your HEGNER Tuffwrench if not using for a lamp! Keep your Tuffwrench handy, yet out of the way.

Choose type for your model below.

Specials: ScrollAmerica Blade Assortments
Choose from three assortments in the dropdown bar below:

1)    Crafter's Value Package: SAVE 12%! 2 dozen ea. of (Double Reversed tooth) RP05, (Precision Milled tooth) PM05, (Reversed tooth) RT05, and (Two-way tooth) TW05.

2)    Hobby Value Package: SAVE 15%! 2 dozen ea. of (Double Reversed tooth) RP03, 05, 07, and 09.

3)    PRO Value Package: SAVE $5.00! 2 dozen ea. of (Precision Milled) PM03, 05, 07, and 09.