If you already own a HEGNER and need only accessories, upgrades or parts, please click on the appropriate link below.

If shopping for a new saw, please note the four available models.

Our 14" saw is perfect for a casual or occasional scroller, and one interested in sawing only common thicknesses (1/4" to 1") in common materials (domestic woods) with workpieces no larger than 28" across.

Our 18" and 22" models add numerous convenience and comfort features in addition to their increased size.  Their most critical upgrades are a longer stroke and variable speed, allowing more effective sawing of both thinner and thicker materials, plus a broader range of materials including ferrous metals, plastics, and veneers.  Between these two models, the only effective difference is throat depth.

The Polymax is by far the most powerful machine of its type in the world today.  Its various performance enhancements allow it to provide a singularly satisfying sawing experience for the knowledgeable scroller. 

Compared to our premium Multimax models, the Polymax provides an additional 26% increase in stroke length along with a host of durability upgrades to make it a significantly superior choice for production use, as well as for frequent sawing in thicker materials (5/4" or more).  In production settings, a Polymax investment offers a significantly greater return on investment than any other scroll saw. 

If you have more questions after reviewing the information on the various models, please feel free to call or e-mail us to consult with one of our specialists.  We will be happy to help you assess your needs and explore the value of each saw's particular performance profile in the context of your unique situation.  Our goal is to help you make a choice that will meet or exceed your expectations, both now and for years to come.

     Scroll Saw Accessories

     Upgrades for Older Hegner Scroll Saws

Multimax 14-E 14
Multimax 14-E 14" Single Speed Scroll Saw
Multimax-18V Variable Speed Scroll Saw
Multimax 18-V Variable Speed Scroll Saw
Multimax 22-V 22
Multimax 22-V 22" Variable Speed Scroll Saw
Polymax 8-Speed Industrial Scroll Saw
Polymax 8-Speed Industrial Precision Scroll Saw